Oval Indian sand stone patio with Victorian brick paving surround Seal Chart Sevenoaks
Oval Indian sand stone patio with Victorian brick paving surround
Decked board walk Sevenoaks Kent
Decked boardwalk

  • Formal Indian sand stone patio with diagonal brick inlay and surround. Sevenoaks, Kent

Patio & Pathway

Indian Stone has been our predominant material for Patios and Pathways, available in a variety of colours and finishes including riven and sawn. It shows many of the same characteristics of York Stone, yet at a fraction of the cost and less hazardous when wet.

Porcelain has increased in demand as it gives a modern & contemporary edge to your garden. As it is an artificial material, it boast many finishes i.e. as natural stone, slate or even timber grain. It also boast an anti-slip surface.

In addition to Indian stone and porcelain we also use York Stone, granite and slate.  As an alternative to paving, there is a wide range of gravels and shingles for the surfacing of pathways.


All our pathways are designed uniquely for each project to enable them to sit sympathetically within the garden whilst achieving their goal to provide safe access to and from the desired areas. To achieve this Antony uses many pathway designs, such as brick edge surround pathway with shingle inlay, brick edge surround pathway with ornamental gravel inlay, decked pathways, boardwalks, brick pathways and stepping stones to name but a few.


Antony understands that, though hard landscaping is a great asset to your garden, it should not dominate it.  When designing a patio area, Antony works with the natural contours of your garden. Alternatively, he re-contours or manipulates the levels to maximise the usable surface area of your garden. Making a practical, relaxing asset for your garden is always in the forefront of Antony's mind. A circular patio is a great attribute to any garden!


Key Benefits for creating any Patio or Pathway

 Extends your living into the garden - "Al Fresco eating"
  Makes full use of your home
  Allows wheelchair access to previously restricted areas
  Gives structure and purpose to your garden
  Adds value to your property

A D Landscapes Ltd has over 20 years of experience in all aspects of both hard and soft landscaping. Antony and the team are continuously focused on supplying 100% commitment and satisfaction to the client for each project, however large or small. Our team are trained & certified in using all the machinery & equipment we use and operate.
Antony and the team pride themselves on maintaining a clean site throughout the project, therefore minimising hazardous risks to both client and team.
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